Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Paranoid Silence

You know what's unsettling? Having someone staring over your shoulder, that's what.

This is the problem with the Internet - annonymity can be maintained with some effort, but there's this "desire to share." Well, now that people I know have been known to read this, I find myself in a quandry: if they read some stuff I've written here, will they think it applies to them, or some other mutual acquaintance?

I think, mostly, the problem is that my most recent idle musings have been on the topic of relationships. And because they aren't my relationships, it's arguably not my business. Thus, I've found myself second-guessing myself. Seeing as this isn't really intended for anyone, having an actual readership (especially one that can affect me socially) is quite disabling.

We've all heard the horror stories, of course: person X says something on the internet, word gets around somehow, person Y finds out about it, hits person X in the face. Now, my friends aren't the hittin' types. Though they might poke. Still! I don't want to get poked!

Blogs like this one should be lone islands of solipsism - just me existing on my own, with an audience of zero, or at least zero people who know who I am, who I know, or where I live. Not that I'm trying to chase my one (two?) readers away. I'm just realizing that my words are not going unnoticed.

New topic: Nerf - What happened to it?


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